IV Sedation

IV Sedation

For patients with dental anxiety or undergoing surgery, Intravenous (IV)
Sedation is a method used to relax the patient during the procedure.

The major advantages of IV sedation are the ability to reduce pain and
the memory of the procedure.

IV sedation is fast acting and adjustable throughout the procedure. This
allows for maximal safety as each patient and case are different. While
patients have little to no recollection of the procedure, patients are
conscious and able to communicate if needed during the procedure.

A more comprehensive look at the benefits:

1. Offers a higher level of sedation than is possible with Nitrous gas or
oral sedation
2. Fast Acting
3. Fast Recovery - most patients are able to walk out after the procedure
4. Works for severe anxiety
5. Little to no memory of the procedure
6. Diminished gag reflex - patients with severe gag reflex may opt for IV
sedation as the only means of being able to complete dental treatment

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